The black grouse is a large game bird in the grouse family. The female is greyish-brown and has a cackling call. She takes all responsibility for nesting and caring for the chicks.

The black grouse is a large bird with males being around 53 centimetres long and weighing 1,000–1,450 g and females approximately 40 cm and weighing 750–1,110 g. The cock is very distinctive, with black plumage, apart from red wattles and a white wingbar, and a lyre-shaped tail, which appears forked in flight.

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Female black grouse


FOSSEKALL or in english  "The white-throated dipper " (Cinclus cinclus), also known as the European dipper or just dipper, is Norway's national bird.

 The white-throated dipper is about 18 cm long, rotund and short tailed. They closely associated with swiftly running rivers and streams or the lakes into which these fall.

All pictures were taken in Harstad, 29.04.2018


Last year it was my first time to joined Bakgården Music Festival as a Photographer. It was so fun and excited to worked with the other fantastic co-workers. That`s why I decided to joined Bakgården this year again as a volunteer.

It´s only hours before Bakgården Music Festival starting. This year I will working again as one of the Bakgården`s photographer. You can read about this year program on www.bakgaarden.no

While we are waiting, this is a slide show from last year  :